Wildcare Helpline

Helping the Western Australian community "one phone call at a time"

Helping the Western Australian community one phone call at a time Image
What is the Wildcare Helpline?

A volunteer service for the community

The Wildcare Helpline provides a service for the public who find sick or injured native wildlife and are seeking advice on where to find care for the animal.

The Helpline is owned by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions and is managed and operated by WA Wildlife.

Volunteer operators answer incoming calls and connect members of the public with their nearest licensed wildlife rehabilitator. In addition, volunteer operators provide advice to the public.

A volunteer service for the community image
How it works

How does the Wildcare Helpline work?

The Wildcare Helpline is operated by passionate volunteers and is is a beacon of hope for wildlife in need. These selfless individuals work tirelessly to ensure that the community has easy access to information on what to do if they come across sick or injured animals. Their dedication and commitment to helping wildlife is truly inspiring.

When members of the public call the Helpline, they are met with a caring voice on the other end of the line, ready to provide support and guidance. The volunteers connect callers with nearby licensed wildlife rehabilitators or provide advice on how to help the animal until a professional can arrive.

Their tireless efforts are crucial in protecting and preserving the natural beauty of Australia, and their passion for wildlife is contagious. Volunteers at the Wildcare Helpline are true heroes, and their work is a shining example of what can be achieved through compassion and dedication.

The Wildcare Helpline CAN:

  • offer advice on sick, injured, or displaced native wildlife.
  • refer callers to a wider network of experts for assistance.

The Wildcare Helpline CANNOT:

  • attend rescues.
  • assist with non-native or domestic animals.

* Contact the RSPCA for emergencies and acts of cruelty.
* Contact your local council/shire for stray or nuisance animals.

More information

Visit the Wildcare Helpline website

The Wildcare Helpline website has a lot of useful resources and information including basic first-aid for wildlife.