Corporate Volunteering

Your team can help sick and injured wildlife return to the wild

Your team can help sick and injured wildlife return to the wild  Image
Our corporate volunteer program

Big or small, your team is welcome here at WA Wildlife!

Team-based volunteering allows organisations to develop staff, skills, build teams, and achieve social responsibility targets – all while being in the company of Australia’s precious wildlife.

What’s involved in the corporate volunteering program?

Corporate volunteers have the opportunity to interact with wildlife and contribute to wildlife conservation through a range of projects.

Typical projects that are available include gardening, mulching, enclosure upgrades, painting, construction, and Hospital maintenance.

How do I organise a program for my team?

Our corporate volunteering programs can accommodate teams of 4 – 40. There are some requirements that you and your staff must meet before you can volunteer at WA Wildlife.

Email to request a booking. 

  • Volunteers must be 18 and over

    You need to be at least 18 years old before volunteering with us.

  • Vaccinations

    Volunteers at WA Wildlife do not need proof of Covid-19 vaccination. However, a current tetanus vaccination is recommended.

  • Registration fee

    There is a fee associated with all corporate volunteering projects to enable us to facilitate a safe, rememberable team building activity for your team. All corporate volunteering projects include a tour of the WA Wildlife Hospital and behind the scenes animal encounter which is incorporated into the fee.